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Sieve-1/16" Pellets

UOP Molecular Sieves

UOP Molecular Sieves are synthetically produced, crystalline metal aluminosilicates that have been activated for adsorption by removing their water of hydration. Unlike other adsorbents, Molecular Sieves have a precise uniform size and molecular dimension.  According to the size of these pores, molecules may be readily adsorbed, slowly adsorbed or completely excluded. This sieve-like selectivity, based on molecular size, plus a selectable preference for polar or polarizable molecules, gives Molecular Sieves an extremely high level of adsorption efficiency, and permits close tailoring of the adsorbent to the specific use. Pore sizes vary by the "type" of Molecular Sieve; for example, Type 4A has a uniform pore size of 4 angstroms while Type 13X has a uniform pore size of 10 angstroms.

  • Preferred adsorbent in closed gas and liquid systems
  • Desiccant and solvent-vapor adsorbent in dual-pane insulating window units - added to prevent fogging of interior glass surfaces.
  • Dehydration when very low humidity conditions are required - added to protect products such as pharmaceuticals, batteries, fuel propellants, machine parts, film and electronic components.
  • Dehydration of moisture in polymeric formulations - added to paints, adhesives and plastics systems to control curing process and eliminate unwanted water reactions.
  • Dehydration in refrigeration and air conditioning systems - added to prevent freeze up and corrosion.
  • Commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams such as cracked gas, propylene, butadiene and acetylene.
AA 5x8 Spheres

UOP Activated Aluminas

Activated Alumina adsorbents are used in the drying and purification of gases and liquids in a wide range of industries. Because of the affinity of the alumina surface for water that provides the driving force for drying, UOP has developed products with optimal surface area and pore size distribution. UOP Activated Alumina spheres are "activated" by a proprietary process to achieve specific surface chemistry and reactivity.

Cylinder Containment

Includes equipment designed to provide a safe means of handling, securing, storing and using compressed gases in containers. A broad product line includes safety cabinets, stands, racks, and fire resistant barriers.

Traps & Purifiers

Includes equipment commonly used in the purification of gas streams. A broad product line includes a variety of gas purifiers designed to remove trace levels of moisture, hydrocarbon, and oxygen are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Ancillary Cylinder Equipment

Includes equipment used to provide safe handling and processing of gas supplied in compressed gas cylinders. A broad product line of equipment for use in commercial, laboratory, medical, industrial and semiconductor applications includes: brackets, carts, stands, leak detectors, safety caps and more.