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Ancillary Cylinder Equipment

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Cylinder Accessories


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ASGE offers a variety of cylinder accessories, such as Mobile Carts, Brackets, Clamps, Chains, Straps, Brackets, Stands, Sealant Tape, Lead Detectore, and more.


SG6230, SG6240 Series Mobile Cylinder Carts


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Mobile Cylinder Carts are designed to provide safe transport for multiple cylinders. They are made of welded 11 gauge steel construction and finished with impact resistant, electrostatically applied powder coat semi-gloss paint. All models use 1 1/2" polypropylene straps with steel non-slip cinch buckles, the same as used in on our two (Model 6207) and three (Model SG6208) cylinder wall brackets. The carts are shipped partially assembled and can ship UPS for freight savings.


Models SG6220, SG6221, SG6222, SG6223 Cylinder Safety Caps


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These locking caps ensure safety and reduce the possibility of misuse and vandalism with compressed gas cylinders by limiting access to the main cylinder control and regulator attachment. They are designed to fit most North American high and low pressure cylinders and meet standards of DOT and CGA by attaching securely to the collar of the cylinder. Cylinder Safety Caps are available with fine and coarse thread configurations. Stocked units are enamel painted in safety yellow and are supplied with a weather resistant, keyed brass padlock.