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Cylinder Containment

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GC Series Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets


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Gas Cylinder Cabinets are designed to provide a safe and cost effective means to isolate hazardous gas cylinders from the surrounding workplace. The cabinet exhaust vent is designed to be coupled with a fan (not supplied) to provide a “local” exhaust gas control system to maximize operator safety when working with hazardous gases. These cabinets also protect cylinders and delivery systems from accidental contact, unauthorized handling and tampering.

The GC Series Cabinets are available in single to four cylinder configurations and feature a removable back panel inside the cabinet that is used for mounting regulators, valves, and ...


PR Series Stationary Cylinder Stands & Process Racks


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Stationary Cylinder Stands and Process Racks are designed to provide a safe and cost effective means to mount gas cylinders (up to 12 inch diameter) and delivery systems where wall space is inaccessible. They are available in various cylinder configurations and can be supplied with or without process panels. The process panels can be used to mount changeovers, regulators, valves, and other components of a gas delivery system.


SSR Series Stationary Cylinder Storage Racks


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SSR Series Stationary Storage Racks are recommended where cylinders may be exposed to vehicular traffic or material handling equipment collisions. These racks fully surround cylinders with 2 inch square steel heavy gauge tubes welded and sealed with powder coated epoxy. Two levels of welded steel chains with bit snaps make cylinder racking easy and convenient. Available in standard and custom configurations from one to 16 cylinder capacity. All listed units meet or exceed requirements for UFC, NFPA, CGA, and OSHA, as well as Seismic Zone 4 requirements.


FRB Series Fire Resistant Barrier Partitions


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FRB Series Fire Resistant Barriers meet and exceed NFPA, UFC, OSHA and CGA requirements for cylin­der fire separation partitions. Designed for use in combination with SSR Series Stationary Cylinder Storage Racks (sold separately), these fire resistant barriers also mount to exterior walls and a floor using predrilled mounting holes (fasteners not included). One side is fabricated with an end wall connector while the other side is provided with a free standing wall brace to help stabilize unit during installation. Hoist hooks on top edging provide a means to lift and maneuver the partition into position.