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Item # MS-1328, Type 13X Molecular Sieve
Powder 1/2 lb

Type 13X Molecular Sieve

Na86[(AlO2)86(SiO2)106] • X H2O
Molecular Sieve Type 13X, the sodium form of the Type X crystal structure, is an alkali metal alumino-silicate. Available in powder, pellets and beads. Used commercially for general gas drying; air plant feed purification (simultaneous removal of H2O and CO2); and liquid hydrocarbon and natural gas sweetening (H2S and mercaptan removal). The 13X can adsorb both the moisture and polymerization by-products such as acetaldehyde and ethylene glycol. It’s exceptional product strength makes it ideal for sachet and other custom packaged desicatting needs.

The sizes of both Mesh and Beads are specified jointly by the screen sizes that the material will pass through and retained by. For example, a 14 x 30 mesh product will pass through a 14 mesh screen, and be retained by a 30 mesh screen. Listed below are the screen openings for some common screen sizes.

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1/2 lb

Opening (mm)


Typical Physical Properties

Nominal Pore Diameter (angstroms)


Particle Size (microns)


Bulk Density (lb/ft³)


Heat of Adsorption (Btu/lb H20)


Equilibrium H20 Capacity (wt-%)


Moisture Content (wt-%)


Molecular Sieve Information

Form Detail

  • Powders are white finely divided free flowing particles with an average diameter of 4-5 microns.


Safety and Handling

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) available on the top of this page.

More Information

See the UOP brochure entitled "Molecular Sieve Safety Bulletin for Manufacturers", or contact your ASGE representative.

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